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Polaris Immigration is one of the best and the most reliable consultancy firm based in Bangalore. Our Australian PR Consultation will give you an overview and a very good understanding of the eligibility of the Australia PR, and also educate you on the likelihood of getting PR.

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Polaris Immigration Offers Best Australia Immigration Services

Your quest for best Australia immigration consultants in Bangalore ends at Polaris Immigration. We have been a top Australia immigration service provider in Bangalore with an outstanding track record of immigration services and a reliable partner in making Australia immigration a big success.
Australia's immigration and visa process are popularly known for its strict immigration rules. At Polaris Immigration, we have segregated ourselves from other immigration consultants, because we seriously believe in our code of conduct and ethics. We maintain transparency and adhere strictly to the rules and guidelines. We are specialists in migration with in-depth knowledge about immigration services. We offer personalized service to each individual based on his/her requirements.

How Polaris Immigration can help you with Australia Immigration Process

In an attempt to address the very critical immigration problems, here's how we help you with your immigration plans. There are a lot of subclasses under each program. It's vitally important that you choose the right type of visa and subclass.

  • Tailored Approach: Our experts will provide the most personalized ways to apply for australian pr, based on your requirements and employment details.
  • Counselling Session: Our experts train you in the management of evaluation sessions. This lets you reach a high IELTS / PTE score and add more points.
  • Family Migration: We can train your family members for a language test and arrange all the documents. We will also help you get through with your new borns or older parents.
Whаt is thе Prосеss аnd Prосеssing Timе fоr Australia PR Visa?

For the immigration applications the processing time is entirely based on the type of pr visa that you are choosing for Australia Permanent Residency visa. The factors that decide the Australia Permanent Residency Visa Processing Time are:

  • One has to score a minimum of 65 points to qualify. Opt for an occupation from the SOL. Once you are ready with your documents including, language proficiency test report, identity proof, educational certificates, work experience, and more.
  • Select an appropriate Visa Subclass Category to apply. The processing period depends on the type of australian pr visa you have submitted and is determined based on the time taken by the most current applicants for visa.
  • The key factors on which the processing time depends are how accurately you fill out the application, the genuineness of the documents you submitted, the time taken to respond to the visa office in case the immigration officer asks for any question, etc.

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If you are traveling to Australia and you are in Bangalore then you must be looking for the best immigration consultants in Bangalore for Australia so Polaris Immigration is just the right choice. Given by the ratings from their customers it is undoubtedly the choice of every visa applicant.

We are one of the top immigration consultants in Bangalore. Not only Australia, but even Canada immigration Bangalore services are also provided by us. We are the Canada Visa Consultant in Bangalore as well.

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