Australia Skilled Independent Visa Program

Subclass 189 Australia Skilled Independent Visa .

If you want to migrate and live in Australia, then you must need to apply for the right visa that will allow you to be a Permanent Resident in Australia.

The Requirements for Skilled Independent Visa 189

The Australia visa subclass 189 is a point’s based visa. Generally it is for the skilled workers who are not sponsored by a state or territory, an employer, or a family member. If you have this Australian work visa then you can live and even permanently work anywhere in Australia. In your application eligible family members can also be included. This visa is actually a permanent visa. It allows the visa-holders to remain indefinitely in Australia with the rights of full work. Our company as a re-known agent of migration will offer any type of help to get the Australia visa subclass 189 without any complications.

In 2012-2013 the skilled independent subclass 189 visa replaced the subclass 175 offshore skilled independent visa as well as the onshore subclass 885 visa.

First of all you have to submit through skill select an expression of interest, and then only you will be able to submit an application that must be valid for this visa. You can apply for this Australia skilled independent visa 189 from in or outside Australia.

The Conditions for Applications

Applications should be done only after the invitation. To apply you must

  • Have an experience in the occupation that is nominated on the skilled occupations list of Australia.
  • For that occupation must have the skills assessment along with the relevant assessing authority.
  • Expressions of interest have to submit.
  • Have to be older than 18 and also less than 50 years of age whenever the invitation is issued.
  • Including English language, character checks, and health meet the general basic skilled independent visa requirements of skilled migration Australia 189.
  • On the Australian immigration points test have to be able to score minimum 60.
  • To see if you can score enough points for this type of visa you can try our free online skilled independent visa point test of Australian General Skilled Migration.
  • Within 60 days you have to submit your visa application for Australia online whenever you are invited to apply for this type of visa

Australia Skilled Independent Visa Processing

To this visa Priority processing arrangements are applied for Australia Immigration 189. The 189 visa processing time in which the applications are considered by Australian Immigration regardless of the time they have been submitted.

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