What are the Basic Requirements for Abroad Immigration?

Migrating overseas may be the best opportunity of a lifetime. Abroad immigration opportunities may never be missed. The reasons could be many like migrating for work, education, higher job prospects, travel, etc. But whichever be the reason migrating to a foreign land with expectations of a better life can be a highly exciting process. On one hand, is the tremendous joy of being able to fly away to a foreign land and on the other side is the several tiring processes and long paper works which must be done to acquire immigration permission. Immigration overseas policies differ from one country to the other. Whether you want to immigrate to U.S.A, Canada, and Australia or to some other countries, immigration policies differ largely. You have to go through specific visa requirements for each country.  

Australia visa requirements 

The Visa requirement for any country depends upon which kind of Visa you apply for. Though some standard requirements remain unaltered the purpose for which the visa application is done changes the requirements. For Australia Skilled Visa requirements, the specific needs are listed below. 

  • Age- the candidate must be under 45 years of age. 
  • Proficiency in the English language is required. 
  • Nominated occupation- This means an occupation which fits your skill and qualification.
  • Skill assessment- The Australian skill assessing authority must certify a candidate with his or her nominated skill. 
  • Health assessment- Visa is granted to only healthy individuals. 
  • Character Assessment- The Australian government grants Visa to only people with good character through the assessment process. 

It is only after the basic Australia immigration requirements are met that further Visa processing is done.

Canada immigration requirements 

The benefit of immigrating to Canada are many. You may earn in dollars; there are healthcare and retirement benefits, live, work, and study in Canada in any province if you have entered Canada with Express Entry program. There is another huge benefit of the PR Visa; it is that you can sponsor your relatives to live in Canada. Canada is inviting the huge number of immigrants for 2020. So this is the golden opportunity if you have wanted to go abroad. The basic Canada Visa requirements are as follows.

  • Age – You must be 18 years of age. However, the highest points are given to persons who are in between 25 to 35 years of age. They actually gain points based upon the educational and work experience. 
  • Educational Qualification- You must have a graduation degree. However, the highest points are earned by Ph.D. holders. A master’s degree is also good enough to earn your second highest point. This is considered important because you may get easily employed if you have a good educational background. 
  • Language Ability- You must be able to speak, read, and write in either English and French or both. The minimum score required is CLB7.
  • Work experience- The highest point is awarded to professionals with 6 years of work experience, and the minimum requirement is 3 years of work experience. 

In addition to the basic requirements, there can be some special requirements based on specific cases. Consulting an immigration consultant is the best thing to get complete guidance in this respect.