Canada Express Entry Program

It is the best and most popular way for professionals wishing to move to Canada to become new Permanent Residents in a few months.

Canada Immigration Express Entry System which is a point-based system is managed by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), it awards points based on factors such as skills, experience, Canadian employment status, and provincial/territorial nomination. Make the most if this program with Polaris Immigration. We are a pioneer in Canadian migration and can help you at every step of your immigration process.

Canada Express Entry Program and How Does it Work?

Express Entry is an online system developed to manage the intake of Canadian immigration applications. An online profile, known as Expression of Interest (EOI), under one of three federal Canada immigration programs, or the Provincial Immigration System participating, is submitted to the Express Entry Pool for applicants who meet the eligibility requirements.

Profiles are graded according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), which is a Canada PR points based system. The program will process the top-ranked applicants, and the invitation will be sent for the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.

Individuals receiving ITA invitations should submit a full application and pay the fees within 60 days. The federal government intends to review complete PR applications in just 6 months.

How can Polaris Immigration Help?

Polaris Immigration takes a collective approach with decades of shared expertise among our consultants to devise innovative and effective solutions for our clients. We value ethics over money and give full attention to our customers from the first discussion until final approval. Our team is highly qualified to be attentive and know how to communicate successfully with government officials to optimize results for all visa applicants.

Polaris Immigration will help you with:

  • Customized checklist for documents
  • Critical document templates
  • Assistance on key requirements for documentation
  • Filing of an online application
  • Creating a profile for Invitation
  • IELTS Guidance document
  • Reference letter Templates

Steps to Apply for the Canada Immigration Express Entry Program

Step 1: Check Your Canada Express Entry Eligibility

  • Under Canada Immigration Express Entry System, each of the three economic immigration programs has eligibility requirements. This is an important step, as you cannot enter the pool of applicants if you are not eligible.

Step 2: Get Your Foreign Education Credentials Assessment

  • You need to have your foreign (not Canadian) educational credential assessed by a third party approved by IRCC. The review demonstrates that your qualifications in education are equal to those acknowledged in the Canadian education system.

Step 3: Take a Language Test

  • Skilled immigration applicants must appear for a governmentally-approved language test, and the test results must be included in their profile. Applicants must prove their knowledge in at least one of the two official languages of Canada. You must take English or French tests for all three Express Entry programs and get a good score in order to be eligible.

Step 4: Evaluate your National Occupation Classification (NOC)

  • ALL applicants need to be able to show that their work experience meets the definition of a profession included in the national occupation classification base of Canada, to immigrate to Canada successfully using the express entry system. To qualify, you must first verify that you are entitled to an Express Entry, in accordance with the NOC system.

Step 5: Calculate your CRS score

  • Your profile is ranked based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. If you have the required CRS score, your profile will be included in the Express Entry pool.

Step 6: Create your Express Entry profile

  • You will be able to start creating the Express Entry profile if the online tool shows that you are eligible for Express Entry immigration. Applicants must keep the information handly when filling their Express Entry Profiles.

Step 7: Submit your Profile

  • Once you complete your profile, and it is submitted, you will receive an Express Entry profile number and a job seeker validation code. If your profile is selected from the Express Entry Pool, the Canadian government will issue you an ITA, after which you can start with your Canada PR visa documents. It is recommended that you use professional immigration consultants or best Canada Immigration Consultants in Bangalore to optimize your application’s success rate.
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